There Has To Be More To Life

There Has To Be More To Life by Frederick

In the humdrum of everyday chores,
We sense neither pain nor pleasure.
In the cacophony of Hi’s & Bye’s,
We can’t hear ourselves think.
We seek company to escape silence
Where everyone babbles, none speaks.

There has to be more to life,
Than chores and babbles.
There will be more to life,
With articulated thoughts ,
To a company that listens.
There is more to life,
In seeking silence amidst commotion
In seeing purpose amidst chaos
In knowing friends from acquaintances.

We all have our highs and lows
And the blows that make us bow
Lets ignore cynical chatter &
Take notice of meaningful whispers.
This I believe will pave the way, for
There has to be more to life, &
There certainly is more to life.

© Deepa
Jan 1, 2009

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vishesh said...

nice :) so does that mean you are back ? :D :D :D looking forward to your comments then :D :D :D

vishesh said...

and yes there is more to life :D

Deepa said...

Hi Vishesh,
Wish you a very happy and prosperous new year.
I hope this year i will be able to stick around for poetry.

Thanks for being there for me,

Cazywaz said...

My life is like a flat line, running smooth and straight and powers steadily ahead until no power is left.
There's no skipping of heart beats, no shuddering or yelping, no flicker of life like there are no flickers of smiles.
Just a faint dull trace of hope guiding me blindly like an auto-pilot, Dragging me through the bumps and lumps of clouds that get in my way, but still no ups and downs.
I'll be flying on this flat line until it all falls through, and my life comes crashing silently to an unequivical end and I will have ammounted to absolutely nothing.

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