Cut the Ropes

Cut the Ropes ... by Vishesh

Cut the ropes, they tie you down,
Bet the odds, they bare your core.
Cut the ropes, let yourself loose
Aim for the stars, for the sky is within your reach.

© Deepa
Jan 9, 2009
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Forest Love

Forest Love ... by Shiva
My choice of title - Hushed Whispers

With foliage thick and lush,
Rooted deep with the land, born here
Showering fragrance to the air, breathe here
The flora and fauna whisper in hush

How can man call himself and animal, they say
For he does not follow the rules of our kingdom.
His greed and lust hold no reason
He craves to encroach beyond his needs
The flora and fauna whisper in hush.

We prey for hunger, he is a prey to hunger
We hoard none, he spares none,
How can man call himself and animal,
For he does not follow the rules of our kingdom.
The flora and fauna whisper in hush
Beware of man, for he comes shush

© Deepa
Jan 6, 2009
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Behind....The Curtain

Behind....The Curtain by Beloved Dreamer

From the time of coming to life,
Swaying with rhythm with times when glad,
Robust and resilient in times bad and sad.
Battling the gusty winds of change,
The curtain lets us see and conceal, the mind within .
Frayed and frail over time, she comes of age,
Until the time she could no longer hold,
Revealing the netherworld to the life as we know.

© Deepa
Jan 5, 2009
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Self by Priya
My Preffered title Mirroring me !

Mirror mirror on the wall
Is it you who sees it all ?
Hanging by the hook, still and silent
You echo deepest fears & scariest concerns.
But is it really you after all ?

I love my eyes for they help me see
But alas !, I don’t see them myself
I count on you to show them to me
As I can’t see them myself.

It soothes me , but also scares me at times
When you show me, what I don’t see at all times
Wondering, is it really me who sees
At a reflection that claims to be me.

© Deepa
Jan 2, 2009
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There Has To Be More To Life

There Has To Be More To Life by Frederick

In the humdrum of everyday chores,
We sense neither pain nor pleasure.
In the cacophony of Hi’s & Bye’s,
We can’t hear ourselves think.
We seek company to escape silence
Where everyone babbles, none speaks.

There has to be more to life,
Than chores and babbles.
There will be more to life,
With articulated thoughts ,
To a company that listens.
There is more to life,
In seeking silence amidst commotion
In seeing purpose amidst chaos
In knowing friends from acquaintances.

We all have our highs and lows
And the blows that make us bow
Lets ignore cynical chatter &
Take notice of meaningful whispers.
This I believe will pave the way, for
There has to be more to life, &
There certainly is more to life.

© Deepa
Jan 1, 2009
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