To fill......

To Fill.... by Priya

She comes alive in
….notes from the chord
….drops from the (leaf) tip
….reflections in oasis
….fluctuation in emotion
She breathes life into life
….dancing for self
….singing in bliss
….with each attempt to fill
….her grail with little more

© Deepa
Dec 16, 2007

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Anonymous said...

Very pleasantand fresh. Creates a woderful atmosphere of birth and rebirth.

Deepa said...

Welcome alina
..truly said..thank you for the appreciation

Christopher Gehler said...

I like your style. I find it forces me to ponder and relate on some level.

I also went to Fredericks blog as per his comment on mine, and I've decided we should start a Poets Ring. Sort of like a community of poets who all read each others writings and give insight for each other. Let me know what you think.

Deepa said...

Hi Chris
Welcome to this space. I am glad that my concept of appreciation has reached you well. Only few fellow poets like yourself, fredick, alina and others( those featured in this blog) are able to grasp.

I constantly get the response of " oh!.. so its a reply.. so which one is YOURs ".. how do i make them understand..

I guess your idea of "poets ring" is a great way to get people with like minded affection towards poetry together.
Sort of like a community of poets who all read each others writings and give insight for each other
yes indeed.. would love to be a part of this circle , you have my vote

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