Friendship :-The Everlasting Bond

Friendship :-The Everlasting Bond ... by Meghna

Bond that never binds,
Lettings us be to be.
Obliges without obligations,
Declining to leave side,
While we trek on tough turf .

© Deepa
Jan 30, 2008

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Meghna said...

Hi Deepa,
This is really beautiful. I'm glad you shared it with us. Thanks for the link too!

prasad said...

Thanks Deepa 4 leaving behind d link to tis site in ma mssg box on pnq, n u write good, n tey r short n sweet poems jus like happiness.

Not Santa Claus.. Karan Prasad Baadkar

Deepa said...

@meghna.. Glad u liked this..
Thanks for the inspiration

Deepa said...

Welcome here.. I am so happy that you liked my style and presentation. hope to see you more often

wonder, why u did not leave your blogger url / profile says its not shared

Karan said...

Hey, err well..I hav a gmail ID n so I logged on with it n itz

N wanted 2 ask sumthing...can U go thru some of ma poems wat I want 2 share with others n tey r not on PNQ as I deleted em there, can u post em here for me if I give em 2 u if u find em worthwhile 4 posting? Anyways ur profile says u r from Bangalore n I m also from Kashmir of Karanataka... Karwar. Gud 2 see sumone from there as I m working in INDORE MP, nitz rare 2 find anyone from Karnataka here, anyways nice meeting u n going thru ur blog world out here..

Thanx n rgds,
Prasad Ramesh Baadkar

Deepa said...

Hi Karan
Glad to see your profile in blogger.
sorry to know that some of u r poems are not available at P&Q. I also see that you have registered a new blog. so why not post them there. I am sure many of poetry enthusiasts would love to read them.

This blog of mine is strictly for replay-poems .. so if you have a reply poem,(and the link to the original one) I shall be glad to publish it here.

see you around!! in blogosphere

Karan said...

Dear Deepa, find the Add for the poems which I deleted n I ve reposted em at ma blog as u requested, n thanks 4 that, TC

preetilata said...

hi deepa. u r a beautiful poet. every poem by u is so full of love, life and emotions. and your way of appreciating poetry is just awsome. thanx a lot for appreciating li'l poem of mine(remembr "autobiography of n unshed tear drop"?). i am honoured. m really sorry to reply u late.
but really u r an excellent poet. keep writing deepa. ur words can create magic. hope u will agn visit my page.

alwys tk cr
:) :) :)

Deepa said...

glad to know that you have started posting at blogpot. will visit ASAP.. sorry for the dealyed response :-)
Good Luck

Deepa said...

Hi Preetilata
Good to see you here..
yes i just loved that poem of yours.. its irresistable.. keep writing in you own unique style .. wouldnt want to trade that for anything else

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