April Showers !!!

April Showers !!!.......... by Priya

Vibrantly bright on a summer day,
Gallantly a soldier cruises by,
Tall in the skies, dark and handsome,
Pours his heart out, in each drop,
For the lady, merry by the meadow.

© Deepa
Mar 29, 2008

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Life said...

SUCH poems makes april more special

Take Care

Anonymous said...

Now u gotto tell me who is that tall and handsome....

Nice poem again.

How have u been??


Deepa said...

Thanks vikas

Deepa said...

Tall in the skies.. is the passing rain-cloud, and lady by the meadow is the lushy bushes..
dont tell me you couldnot see taht ;)

Frederick said...

A poem about April....Now why didn't I think about that?

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