The Messenger

The Messenger by Sneha

The Lord said, let there be light,
The Lord willed, let there be life,
His words echoed within
His will took to form (s),

Every form, reached for his touch,
Oh! Lord, (perhaps) said the Lord.
Brimming with care and concern,
Brought out a piece of self, in form.

This self-less piece, filled with peace,
Transformed mere touch to magic.
The magic that interprets wordless wails,
The magic that soothes restless minds.

Mother, we call the Lord’s magic
Mother, we see thee as Lord’s magic

© Deepa
Jan 24, 2008

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Karan said...

A splendidly written universal truth n ya Think sumtimes ppl r so occupied with temslvs tat tay hav forgotten God. God work

Deepa said...

well said karan

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