Rain... by Priya

Rainbow traversing in each drop
Holds promises for her tear drop
   Surging memories and heaving heart
   With dry eyes and a parched heart
Rainbow traversing in each drop
Holds promises for her tear drop

© Deepa
Dec 20, 2007

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Frederick said...

I can't explain it, but I seem to connect better with Priya's words.

Deepa said...

yes i understand..
I wanted to be a litte more "hope filled"

as we all know rainbows are seen when the sunlight pass through the (small) droplets esp during drizzle
.. Rain is not only just about reviving the memmories.. the rainbow is telling in a subtle manner that she can now breath easy about her love who is not with her this instant, but shall be with her soon enough
... just my interpretation
...It feels good to hold a discussion such as this.. thank you

vishesh said...

the hearts ache,
you remain all night awake,
in the dreams between,
desires are seen.

Deepa said...

good one vishesh

Alok said...

Tiers of joy layered
In baskets of several tears;
Happiness counts stratus pebbles
And Bliss is dear;
And Dearer counts -
It’s those moments rather
Sweeter than sour.


Deepa said...

yes indeed ..alok
couldnt have said better..

Meghna said...

Hi Deepa,
A nice one once again! This one was really beautiful I'd say!
Btw, Gotta say that you've got a unique taste (Like me!)

Deepa said...

Thank you meghna
Each one has a unique manner of appreciation.. saw your blog.. indeed its unique

der Bergwind said...

tear drop no promises hold
those dissolved emotions, dreams untold
emotions wrapped in endless fold
priceless though were loosely sold

rainbow bright, born of pain
bottled vapors melt in rain
the metallic thump of a distant train
those tears flushed... all in vain

liked ur verse.. read the old ones - nice, simple n quite deep
on this one, personally speaking.. tears generate pain.. n somehow, with the balance sheet of life.. aint worth the tears.. aint worth the pains :)

Deepa said...

Db.. welcome here
yes.. there is a lot of pain in your verse... I can only think this as, "that" kind of pain, when a person feels himself / herself like a pincushion
when a single pin is placed, we "think" we can bear it and "feel" tough when we dont show the pain.. ultimately when a moment comes , a person can no longer care to bear it..
I see that kind of pain..something that wrenches the last ounce of self resolve ( of not to cry) from the heart..

hope sometime i get to read an equally happy note from you

der Bergwind said...

@ deepa..

merry C'mas!!

its not a sad overtone.. its a realistic tinge n well.. words reflect the season of life.. if u really see the bigger pic, the blacks dominate over the whites.. happiness comes in pockets n the pain of certain things seem to overcast the sky much more.. anyway... its not a lotta pain, its just an angle which seems so much obtuse tat its everywhere, in all aspects with everybody.. equally happy note.. well, ud sure read some, if u drop by sometime later...

Deepa said...

merry christmas to you too..
i understand your point.. thanks for the invite.. wll surely come

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