Empty.... by Priya

Gazing out of the windowpane,
Your eyes wilt in pain.
Looking at the world pass by,
Yet.. seeing only your world stand by .

The mirth and merry the toddler once filled,
Still lingers in your eyes and air around the ears,
Fluttering feet’s tapping loud …in tantrum,
Fills our day with not a moment to spare.

You nurtured them well.. with care and concern,
You nourished them well.. with wisdom profound,
You taught them well… with the ways of world,
You wish them well.. with every whiff of wind.

Flying away from mother-Goose’s nest,
To build a nest and.. call it their own.
Farther how much ever they be in the world, wide,
Not farther than a thought .. for thought flies faster than wings.

© Deepa
Aug 23, 2007

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vishesh said...

nice...first time you have written something so big :)

Deepa said...

Thanks vishesh..
Priya's words just broke the dam of my latent thoughts.. i didnt realize this poem would go this long

priya said...


:)) You filled with so many thoughts beautiful and lovely. You are creative and excel in wat you do!!!!

Vikas said...

hello deepa :)

you have done PHD in ice breaking..you do it ver well with art :) nice peace of art ...loved it :)

Take Care

Deepa said...

Thank you..I am glad u liked it and you appreciate the effort taken

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