We Are Humans

We are Humans ... by Vishesh

Oh Yes! .. We are humans
Investigating queries.. and
Hunting for answers..

Yes..indeed we are humans
Born with a free will
Borne with life's expectations

Of course ! we are humans
Freedom we bear.. comes with responsibilities
With responsibilities.. comes great power

Sure ! we are humans
Past is out of reach
Future is beyond reach
Present.. is gift that coaches
'Realize '.. is what they teach

Remember ! we are humans
'Goals'... realize your dreams
'Effort'... realize your strength
'Failure'.. realize your flaws
'Persist'... realize your will

© Deepa
Jul 25, 2007

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Vikas said...

WE arwe humans and we are lucky .

Howz u budd ??

Take Care

Deepa said...

Yes indeed we are lucky to be humans..
Nice to see you back... i will let you catch up with other blogs..great to see you again

vishesh said...

deepa,thanks i really needed that,i was feeling pretty low....

Deepa said...

Hope u r feeling better now

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