Rolling Tears of Sorrow...

Rolling Tears of Seema

My dear,....
......It pains me... to see you in pain.
......It chokes me.. when your heart throbs in agony.
......It aches me.. to see you all blue and gloomy.
At Trying times..when nothings works our way,
Vile Depression-could, clouds our happy-place.
Peek into a mirror..for a sunshine shall greet you,
Seek hope from self..for your best friend is you.

© Deepa
Jul 2, 2007

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Shiva said...

Pain is pleasurable,
For it is profound of all feelings;
Pain is soothing,
For it ends with a sigh of relief;
Pain is illuminating,
For it begets introspection;
Pain is empowering,
For it gives endurance.
Pain is inevitable,
For it the first companion of birth!

Deepa said...

..true to every word
.. nicely rendered
.. aptly placed

Its from ideas and revelations (for the better) emerge..moreover is very essential to release ll kinds of emotions.. bottled up emotions tend cause more disaster than an impulsive outburst

Seema said...

Deepa - Hugssssssss and thanxxx for these lines…rather I would call them feelings…they make me feel really good ….thanx and am better lotsa good things happened too !!!
Your lines are really very inspiring and deep…appreciate it !! Thanx a ton !

Deepa said...

It feels so happy to know that you are feeling better now...well.. pain is a phase which we cannot avoid traveling through.. so the best way to do is.. grieve and be over with it

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