Night wind and the stars tonight…

Night wind and the stars tonight… by Seema

The night-queen strolling ,
.............with her star czar.
The lady-brook caressing ,
............her sweetheart shore.
The maiden blossom blushing,
........... to midnight breeze.
Oh!..You potray an exquisite sight,
.......... urging me to stay awake at night.

© Deepa
May 29, 2007

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Seema said...

Hi Deepa..Many thanks and it was indeed a pleasure to hold your beautiful words on the clouds !!!

Feels lovely to be linked to your page of poetry...its a lovely flow and an awesome Feeling...

Look forward to more ...

Take care,

Deepa said...

Welcome Seema
Thank you very much
Take care
Be safe

Saaya said...

Came here from Clouds !! nice blog you have here !! Will visit often :)

Deepa said...

Welcome..Thanks to the clouds for teleporting you.

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