Just a Bud

Just a Bud by Priya

Rhythmic pulses drums from within
Reaching out for the world to withhold
Streching out towards realm unknown
Savouring in at each passing breeze
Unfolding self..you marvel at the world
Unfold..for world waits to marvel at you

© Deepa
May 8, 2007

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appu43 said...

great poetry.

vishesh said...

marvelous it is to sight
and picture faints all a sense.
What meets in the intenser day,
like some shelly's verse,
is the intecity of the scheme.
what leads to profound comparison
is what the sense sees.

Deepa said...

Thank you Appu

Deepa said...

Well thought out words vishesh..
you may beed to pay some attention to the rhyming (eihter at beggining or the end) of the lines..this will put your words into more swaying feel

vishesh said...

ha,the rhyme never seems to get me on the full....but i felt a little strange without writing poetry tried to not write in my blog atleast but back to writing poetry...its my first love..:)

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