A word before saying goodbye..!

A word before saying goodbye! by MindBliss

Bye..Bye..Dear Friend…,
Bunch of memoirs..with footprints of time
Blend of responsiblities..with passing time
Binding our affection…with snippets in time
Bending our intellect.. prioritising in time
Bear with imperfect emotions of past &
Behind..we shall leave our remorse..
Beyond..we shall look at our goals
Bye..Bye..till our paths cross again
Bye..Bye..Dear Friend.

© Deepa
Apr 30, 2007

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chithu said...

very welllll written....! fantastic.....!!! smiles......

Deepa said...

:)Glad u liked it chithu..:)

vishesh said...

lovely and true deepa......friends we meet stay in our memory and one day we have a surge of nostalgia..there are ppl who say what nostalgia you have ..you are only 15....but i am very very emotional and sensitive person.......asd also i have got a pretty decent memory and once i start liking someone..you can say i am a pain on the neck..

Deepa said...

Yes Vishesh..Nostalgia is very intoxicating.. its like alcohol...in moderation.it can booset your spirits..( so i have heard many say..well..)..but too much of nostalgia..then in due course u will not be having any experiences to be nostalgic about....(coz.. we snip off from realities)

vishesh said...

living in a virtual world is safe....people who take off into that have a reason..me being one of them...i simple lose my self and surroundings.....after all why not be in a illusion where you(heart,mind and soul) are the creator..rather than one by so many forms ??

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