Devil The God

Devil The God by Vishesh

Hardended bark..houses the devil..As devious thoughts dwell in our psyche,
Haunting pasts...relived as punishments.As the acid-test to alter it in our psyche,
Majestic monarch butched by mere dogs..As we disregard the soul for paltry pleasures,
Petrified is he..awaiting the horror to happen..As we dismiss even before trying to try,
He dwelled on his shortcommings..As lifeless as corpse in be devoured by the devil,
Had he tapped into his strengths. As radiant as a star on the be having dinner with GOD,
Pity.. his host is the same... but saw only one face of HIS.

© Deepa
Apr 12, 2007

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iamvisheshur said...

reading that tells me you have understood what i meant....

Deepa said...

Yes Vishesh... You poem was not difficult to understand.. but If i may say... (please dont take offence)..You need to stucture your lines more appropriately

It all appears as one long continious string of words...which might give the first impression of soooo looong..

break the lines with commas, organise them as stanzas.. if the poem is long

Hope you dont mind me telling this

iamvisheshur said...

no i don't mind, i am working on that..usually i write on paper ten on the comp..but for the past few months i am doing it directly so the thing is there..

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