I am Lost

I am Lost by Vishesh

The scorching sun.. is but our arrogance,
The bickering son..is but our ignorance,
The messages lost..are ideas abandoned,
The selfless sea...is but our perseverence.

From the cauldron you despise...percive the wisdom you cherish,
Speak to your past...Seek the missing link,
The path shall reveal...& your triumph will prevail,
The beating water at the beach...is the endless desire to excel.

Tune to earth-vast...tune with your inner-vast,
With raging time ahead...leave the ghosts behind,
Ghosts donot transcend time...but....Ideas do leap ahead ,
Experince solitude...For you are in a fecund company.

Life is a convinence...living is not,
Staying lost is easy....getting back is not,
Concluding is easy...re-thinking is not,
Are you upto the challenge....to chase the answers you seek ? ? ?

© Deepa
Mar 29, 2007

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